What’s Up with My Dental Insurance?

dental insurance

Noticing that your dental insurance isn’t paying as much as it used to?  You’re not alone.  More and more limitations are communicated daily.  Everything from “Only one exam per year” to “This is not a covered service” continues to pass before us, as we process insurance claims for our patients who are lucky enough to have insurance.

You may ask: Is dental insurance worth the cost?

  • How much am I paying for dental insurance?
  • How much do I pay annually out of pocket for dental treatment?
  • What exactly do they cover and not cover?
  • How does this benefit me?
  • What is the annual maximum?

You may have heard that your plan covers procedures at 100%.

The 100% you are referring to is what the insurance carrier allows as a payment. which may be less than the actual cost of the procedure.  Because of this, usually there is some portion that is the patient’s responsibility.  Most dental insurance carriers refuse to release the full details of their plan, which is great for them.  The carrier makes a final determination on what they’re going to pay only after insurance is submitted.

More and more, our patients are making co-payments for bi-annual continuing care appointments.  This is the current trend.  Always remember, don’t let benefits be your sole consideration when you decide what to do about your dental condition.  We are here to help you with your insurance decisions facing you in the upcoming months.  If you don’t have dental insurance, a dental membership plan with Fixari Family Dental may be of help.  Please ask us and our team would be glad to assist.