Painless Dentistry

“Is it going to hurt?” is the most common question we have been asked in all the years of practice.  No matter what the procedure or appointment, patients are carefully questioning the appointment process not as much to know what is happening exactly, but they want to know what to expect as far as comfort.

No matter what the procedure, the patient should have a review of what to expect, step by step.  They want to know when or if they need to “be brave”.  In reality, dentistry has come so far that no one needs to be uncomfortable any more.  We are in a high tech age now!

Our doctors are trained in using the painless injection technique with both children and adults.  We all deserve this careful treatment. Many patients are amazed that their own imaginations created more discomfort than the actual procedure itself.

We are very proud that we are able to offer the best to our patients. There is no excuse to cause discomfort during a dental appointment. Our mission is to create long lasting relationships with all of our patients. Having a smooth and comfortable appointment is our expectation!

If you have questions about your upcoming treatment or would like a no-fee second opinion, please call our office.  We are here to help!