My Mother Doesn’t Like Her Dentures. What Are Her Options?

My mother doesn’t like her dentures – what are her other options?
Dr. Mark Fixari, Dentist in Columbus Ohio talks about alternative options for dentures.

Well that’s very common. Most folks don’t like their dentures. In fact, dentures aren’t really a replacement for teeth; they are a replacement for no teeth. Dentures are just a piece of plastic that sit on top of the gums. The cool thing we have to offer now are dental implants where we can literally build people’s mouths back together. There are several options for how we put teeth back; from the allowing the dentures to snap on so they’re firm and then we can remove the pallet that the plastic part that covers and the entire pallet that affects peoples taste and the way they talk.

We can put implants in to stabilize those dentures so they don’t have to have that pallet, all the way to the option of literally screwing her teeth back onto the implants. It would be like she has her teeth back again. When folks lose their teeth they also lose the bone that keeps their face normal. Have you ever seen the Snuffy Smith Cartoons where literally these folks chins get so close to their nose it makes them look older? Implants have a way to restore and maintain that bone so they get t heir function back as well as their aesthetics and their facial structure.