Mouthguards for Better Overall Health


sport mouthguardsCustom mouthguards for better overall health

Are you or your loved ones an athlete?  Physical activity has many benefits, but playing a sport increases the risk of injury to the mouth and head.  Especially if you are involved in a contact sport, you’ll want to talk to your dentist about wearing a mouthguard as soon as possible.  Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and determine if a custom mouth guard would be right for you.  Unlike ready-to-wear mouth guards from a store, a mouth guard made by your dentist offers more protection.  Your dentist will be able to create the best mouth guard for your smile, so you can maintain good oral health and avoid an emergency trip to the dentist.

When people think about mouthguards, they usually think about high contact sports like football and hockey.  But even those who engage in high-impact activities like Cross-Fit or weightlifting can benefit from a custom mouthguard.  Any athlete who works out or participates in a sport which could result in contact near the face should wear a mouthguard.

Much like an airbag works to protect you during a car crash, mouthguards help to absorb the shock of an impact to the head area.  Mouthguards can help absorb the shock and reduce the chances of a concussion or injury.  Concussions, fractured jawbones, and broken teeth can all be prevented by wearing a mouthguard.

The benefits of wearing a custom mouthguard

Did you know that mouthguards can prevent a concussion?  If your face is directly impacted without wearing a mouthguard, a brain or dental injury could occur.  Studies show, however, that custom-fitted mouthguards can reduce your chances of concussion by more than 50%!

A custom fit means that the guard is built especially to fit an individual’s mouth.  It will also fit securely, making it easier to breathe around than a store-bought mouthguard.  A custom fit also makes talking easier, so that communications with teammates are clearer.  Custom mouthguards are also more durable and easier to disinfect.  You can even get custom colors to match the colors of a particular sports team.

Concussions and oral trauma have long lasting impacts on overall health, so we encourage our patients to wear a mouthguard for all sports activities. You can get a custom-fitted mouthguard at Fixari Family Dental, and have it ready for pickup in two weeks or less. Take the time to protect the athletes in your life and make sure they have a smile that lasts a lifetime.

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Custom mouthguards for better overall health

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