Aging Smile

Time is our friend, although sometimes it seems so difficult to believe that time has passed so quickly.  Whether it is ourselves, our children, or our acquired wisdom, time can have a great benefit and fun to reflect on.

Our permanent teeth probably emerged around the time we were 6 years old.  If we actually counted the times that we chewed with these durable little guys, it would be in the tens of millions by the time we reach the age of 50.  Thankfully they are made of the hardest human tissue – enamel.  Enamel is made up of a resilient crystalline structure call hydroxyapatite.  It is made to last.  How long?  Well that varies upon how we take care of our teeth, and how long we live.  During our childhood, teeth seem to be the most vulnerable to decay.  As we age, our soft tissues and bones become more and more susceptible to periodontal disease.

Our personal automobiles (my great Aunt Cora called her car her “machine”) do take a bit of mileage before they look old, or don’t work any more.  Teeth are amazing really, with the correct maintenance plan.

Your dentist can help you get the most out of the years you keep your teeth.

Here are some natural occurrences that your dentist may address with you:

  • Missing or Broken Teeth
  • Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)
  • Stained or Grey Teeth
  • Dry Mouth related tooth Decay
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Tooth or Jaw Pain


Understanding the solution for your care is always step one.  Our doctors at Fixari Family Dental are glad to discuss your objectives for a healthier mouth, and follow up with suggestions and recommendations for you specifically.  Everyone is different, so maybe a customized plan works best for you.  It is not necessary to settle for an old smile, if you prefer a new one.  Cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and even whitening are well within the reach of every dental patient.  They will often take years off your smile!