I Am Afraid of the Dentist. What Should I Do?

I am afraid of the dentist and needles what should I do?

Columbus Ohio Dentist, Dr. Mark Fixari, talks about people’s fear of going to the dentist.

 We have a name for patients like you and it’s called normal. In fact, I’m not crazy about the dentist when it’s my turn either. We have multiple things that we do for folks. We treat everybody like that and I think almost everybody is like that. We treat a lot of children so it requires us to use a lot of different techniques to make sure it’s painless, comfortable and not threatening. We start with our painless numbing technique so we can get teeth numb completely painlessly. We probably have built this entire practice because that is how we treat people. So I’m glad you told us about that and I promise we will take great care of you.