Dental Insurance – What do I do with it?

Dental insurance is a nice benefit if it is valuable to you. Insurances vary greatly in their requirements and payable claims. Some are quite simple, however, most are complex in how they formulate their reimbursement.


Deductible – most insurance companies, including medical policies have a deductible.  This amount must be paid by the policy holder before any benefit monies are paid.  This varies, depending on the policy and may apply to some items and not others.

CoPay – Insurance companies usually require the policy holder to invest by paying part of the fee.  This is a co-payment.

Allowable Fee – Insurance companies will decide a maximum fee amount that they will pay – even if it is a percentage of that allowable fee.  Allowable fees vary from insurance company to insurance company.  They are also different within insurance companies, depending on each policy.

Assignment of Benefit – Some insurance companies will reimburse the patient only.  In that case, the patient is responsible for the total fee, and will be reimbursed later by their insurance company.


If you are unsure about how your particular dental insurance policy works, you can reach us directly at 614-866-7445 and 614-834-3455.  We will do a complimentary benefits check for you, exploring your particular dental plan.  When we better understand what your insurance is able to supplement, we can help you plan out your dental care to help improve your dental and overall health.


If you do not have a dental insurance plan, please call us and ask about our Fixari Family Dental – Dental Membership Plan. You can visit to find out more.  The Fixari Family Dental team is always happy to help.