CEREC One Visit Dentistry

Top-notch CEREC Technology

screen image of CEREC® by Sirona Dental Systems

CEREC® by Sirona Dental Systems is a restorative, technological dental technique that allows Dr. Fixari to create a ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer for you in only one visit. The advanced technology of CEREC ensures maximum comfort for patients.

What is CEREC?

Fixari Family Dental dentist using CEREC technology

CEREC is actually an acronym that stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. CEREC offers more options that are both healthy and hassle-free. Rather, visiting Dr. Fixari’s dental office in Columbus multiple times to take molds, fit, and complete your dental restoration work, CEREC restorations can be done in one easy visit. There is no need to wait for your restoration to be constructed.


Developed nearly 30 years ago, CEREC has been upgraded and improved to provide you with the most advanced technology available in restorative dentistry. First, Dr. Fixari prepares the tooth that is to be restored. He then covers the tooth in a white powder, photographs the tooth, and uploads the image to the CEREC computer.

The photo and corresponding data is sent to a milling machine, which then creates the crown, onlay, or veneer from a ceramic block. This typically takes anywhere from four to twenty minutes and is much quicker than waiting for your molds to be sent off to a laboratory.

After the restoration piece has been properly cut, Dr. Fixari bonds the restoration to your tooth using a special resin material.

Advantagesdentist at Fixari Family Dental using CEREC computer technology

  • Restore function and beauty to your teeth
  • Can be done in only one office visit
  • No injections are required
  • Your tooth structure is hardly changed
  • Milled ceramic is strong and durable
  • Most technologically-advanced restorative method
  • Looks and feels natural


CEREC gives you a healthier option for repairing damaged or decayed teeth. More of your healthy tooth is saved with CEREC. The innovative technology allows for the restoration to expand and contract at almost equal rates.

As with any restorative dentistry procedures, good oral hygiene is absolutely necessary. Regular visits to Dr. Fixari for cleanings and checkups will ensure a long life for your restorative dental work.

Don’t put off a healthy and beautiful smile any longer. Come to our office today to discuss if CEREC restorations are the right choice for you.