Dental Insurance – What do I do with it?

Dental insurance is a nice benefit if it is valuable to you. Insurances vary greatly in their requirements and payable claims. Some are quite simple, however, most are complex in how they formulate their reimbursement.


Deductible – most insurance companies, including medical policies have a deductible.  This amount must be paid by the policy holder before any benefit monies are paid.  This varies, depending on the policy and may apply to some items and not others.

CoPay – Insurance companies usually require the policy holder to invest by paying part of the fee.  This is a co-payment.

Allowable Fee – Insurance companies will decide a maximum fee amount that they will pay – even if it is a percentage of that allowable fee.  Allowable fees vary from insurance company to insurance company.  They are also different within insurance companies, depending on each policy.

Assignment of Benefit – Some insurance companies will reimburse the patient only.  In that case, the patient is responsible for the total fee, and will be reimbursed later by their insurance company.


If you are unsure about how your particular dental insurance policy works, you can reach us directly at 614-866-7445 and 614-834-3455.  We will do a complimentary benefits check for you, exploring your particular dental plan.  When we better understand what your insurance is able to supplement, we can help you plan out your dental care to help improve your dental and overall health.


If you do not have a dental insurance plan, please call us and ask about our Fixari Family Dental – Dental Membership Plan. You can visit to find out more.  The Fixari Family Dental team is always happy to help.

Braces vs. Invisalign

Braces Vs Invisalign

Smiles are first impressions.

Our smiles are an important way that we communicate to the world around us.  Kindness, confidence, beauty, health, and encouragement are non-verbal ways we share with others using our smiles.

The option between choose traditional braces and Invisalign can be confusing.  How does one decide what is best for them?  It truly depends on the patients lifestyle.



Braces are brackets and wires that are fixed to your teeth 24/7 and move or straighten teeth.  Invisalign is a process where removable aligners are used and changed as the teeth move.

Invisalign uses a scanner and computer to create a customized series of trays specific to each patient.  One of the benefits is that these trays are removable, allowing patients to sometimes remove them for photos, special events, speaking opportunities, etc.



Traditional braces use wire and metal.  There are other aesthetic options for braces, such as clear tooth-colored braces that don’t show as much metal when a patient smiles or speaks.  If someone is not interested in brackets, then Invisalign is the best option.  Invisalign trays are clear and blend in with teeth very well.


Eating and Drinking

With braces, eating foods such as chips nuts, gum and sticky candies can be challenging and often is avoided.  These can disrupt and loosen the brackets and wires, causing extra trips to the dental office for adjustments.  Apples and some meats will need to be cut up.

Since Invisalign trays are removable, you can remove before eating and drinking.  As we all know that brushing and flossing is important, regardless of which type of orthodontics you choose.

Both can be done with either kind of orthodontics.



With most orthodontic care, occasionally a bracket may come loose or a wire my move and irritate the inside of your cheek. There are ways to fix these issues before and after a trip back into the office.  Fixari Family Dental is available with extended hours to assist you when this happens.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any orthodontic emergency.  Availability is an important part of your decision in selecting an orthodontist.

Selecting Invisalign will cut back on orthodontic emergencies.  It is a good choice for working adults, college students who are out of town, or simply those on the go.  Invisalign offers flexibility.


Complexity of Orthodontic Problem

There are cases when Invisalign is not recommended.  Growing children are often given orthopedic devices prior and during orthodontic treatment.  Children are not always best at keeping track of trays and specific instructions using aligners.  For children and adult cases involving surgery, traditional braces may be the best option.



If you are considering braces or Invisalign in the Columbus Ohio area, please call Fixari Family Dental for a complimentary evaluation with our orthodontist, Dr. Gu. Fixari Family Dental has two locations in Columbus and Canal Winchester with convenient evening hours as well as Saturday hours to fit the needs of everyone. We will decide together what type of orthodontics works best for your life.

Free Dentistry Day 2016

Fixari Family Dental will be hosting our 5th annual Dentistry From The Heart event for those in need on April 15th, 2016. This is an event we hold very dear to our hearts and is the day we look forward to the most each year. We are so lucky to have the opportunity give back to the community and do what we love.

Here are the event details:

We will be in operation from 7AM – 4PM and will be prepared to treat over 250 people with free dental care. Patients must be 18 years or older.

Join us at:
4241 Kimberly Parkway,
Columbus, OH 43232

Patients will have their choice of one filling, one extraction or a cleaning.

Patients will be treated in the order they arrive.

Please help us spread the word! We have flyers at both locations if you would like to share them with family, friends, church, gym, etc!

Contact Katie Panian at 614.655.5465 or for volunteer or event details.

Taking Celery Seriously

With all the January goals and resolutions, nothing comes close to the health commitments people propose. Some are gigantic and unreachable, while others are small and more for fun.

There has been some talk about Celery and its benefits to our health. We can include celery in cooking, juicing, and just eating as a snack. The health benefits are not something to ignore. Celery contributes a good dose of Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin A, Potassium, Vitamin C and others, as well as calcium, etc. etc. This historic vegetable benefits digestive health, blood pressure, and is an antioxidant – supporting cancer prevention.

Now that is all great. The fun news for us is that it also has dental health benefits too.

1. The extra chewing required to eat celery stimulates extra saliva giving us a better fight against plaque formation on the teeth. It helps neutralize the acid that certain bacteria produce that cause cavities. This microbe is called streptococcus mutans.

2. Chomping on celery massages the gums as well as teeth, stimulating healthy circulation around the gums and periodontal supporting tissues.

So, go ahead and eat some celery! It is a smart item for your refrigerator, and no additional calories for those working on a weight loss goal. Best of Health in 2016!

Handwashing Saves Lives

As dentists, assistants and hygienists at Fixari Family Dental, we wash our hand so many times during the day that we can’t even keep track of it.  We do not take for granted the benefits to our patients, our families at home and our team.

As experts, many ask us which is most effective, soap or alcohol based hand sanitizers.  Sanitizers are quite convenient and a quick way to reduce the number of microbes on the skin.  Microbes can be good or bad organisms.  Germs, on the other hand, are microbes that can cause diseases.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control), handwashing with soap and water is the best way to reduce microbes on the skin.  Alcohol based hand sanitizers are to be used when soap and water is unavailable. These sanitizers must be at least 60% alcohol.

Helpful Handwashing Tips:

  • Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds (time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” song twice)
  • Rinse well and dry
  • Keep nails trimmed and clean – germs hide under there!
  • Keep cracked skin moisturized, especially if you use alcohol based rubs.

Limit your Guilt about Not Flossing

If you are the one who shies away from going to the dentist because you don’t floss regularly, this is for you!

  1. You are Not Alone

Only about 45 percent of adult patients admit to flossing.  Your hygienist should not be scolding you for being human.  Instead, select a dental hygienist who will encourage and motivate you.  Improvements are what it is about.  If you shy away from going to see your dentist, you may lose your teeth – not the result you are looking for.

  1. Make it simple

Only floss the teeth you want to keep.

  1. Break it down

Is anyone really perfect at their flossing technique?  Use your hygiene “coach” to improve each time you are visiting.  If you keep improving, and are serious about the result you want, it will happen.

3 Ways to Keep your Smile Bright During the Holidays

As the holiday season comes upon us, we are headed toward parties, events and luscious holiday snacks.  We also tend to eat more sugary snacks and foods.  Time is limited, so it is more important than ever to be intentional about keeping our teeth healthy.

  1. Drink Water after Holiday Beverages

For the kids who are not drinking alcoholic beverages, rinsing with water after downing a sugary soda helps dilute the plaque that takes over.  As for Mom and Dad, rinsing after a glass of wine helps too.  Plaque produces acid that attacks the enamel of teeth.

  1. Be Careful with Sweet Treats

Candy canes and cookies wreck your teeth, so consume in moderation.  This is difficult for many.  Chocolate by itself can be beneficial as it creates a waxy layer that temporarily protects the enamel from acid producing plaque.  Good News! Also chewing gum with xylitol can benefit the teeth as well following a “sugar surge”.

  1. Try to Keep Stress Low

This is easier said than done, but it can be done.  Stress can bring on grinding and clenching and this can be damaging to tooth structure, as well as create pain in teeth, jaws, and joints.  Headaches can flair up as well.  A low stressed individual is less likely to attract illness producing germs!  Keep it cool… Cheers!

How to Throw Away your Dental Benefits

Many dental patients ask questions daily about their dental benefits, because they just don’t understand them.   Most dental plans have a 12 month cycle, which means that they are given a certain dollar amount of dental work to have done at no cost to the patient.  For most of us, this cycle ends December 31st, just a few weeks away.   For the few of us that understand what these benefits are – as humans, we still procrastinate to do something about it.

Since so many are now asking when they can schedule before the end of the year, we have opened up a few extra appointment times to accommodate.  These won’t be around long.

Please call our business team to ask about your particular dental plan if you have one.  If you don’t have one, we offer a Dental Membership Plan at Fixari Family Dental too.  We want you to maximize the benefits you already have for 2015.

Using a Hookah is Like Smoking 100 Cigarettes

Waterpipe smoking is associated with gum disease, oral cancer, esophogeal cancer, dry sockets, lung cancer, and heart disease.  Waterpipe smoking began 400 years ago in ancient India.  It has become popular today in Hookah cafes and with students of college age.

Today up to 34% of 13-15-year-olds have tried it, and up to 20% of college students have also smoked a waterpipe according to studies.  These sessions last much longer than smoking a cigarette, increasing the toxic effect.

“Whether you are smoking a cigarette, a cigar, or tobacco from a waterpipe, smoking is dangerous not only to your oral health but to your overall health,” says JADA Editor Michael J. Glick, D.M.D.

The World Health organization has stated that one waterpipe session is like smoking 100 cigarettes.  If you have specific questions or would like to join others in this year’s Great American Smokeout, please call our office today.

Dental Care Online

Well, although we actually wouldn’t expect you to have a dental appointment online, there are many ways that we are now able to not only keep you connected, but save you time – shortening the time you spend getting ready to go to the dentist, but also keep your appointment short and sweet.

Email Confirmation – Fixari Family Dental can send you an email communicating your appointment and time, asking you to simply click to confirm your appointment. No phone call needed!

Request Appointment Online – our website offers a form where you can request an appointment. A Fixari Family Dental business team member will email you back promptly, finding a dental appointment time that is convenient for you.

Fill Forms Out Online – Yes, you can fill out your patient information forms directly from our website. Go to and click “forms”. Fill out the desired form well in advance, or even after midnight the night before your appointment. This avoids that last minute hassle when all you want to do is sit and relax in one of our comfy chairs.

Receive Text Reminders – This is one of our most popular ways to communicate with our patients. All you need to do is let our receptionist know you would like email and/or text reminders. We can text you, and you can text back (if you are running a little early, or simply have a quick question about your appointment for the day).

Get connected, it is not too late! Call us at either location and we can help set you up, or simply ask us when you arrive at your next visit. The phone number at Kimberly Parkway is 614-866-7445, and the Canal Winchester number is 614-834-3455. We are happy to help you. Let us help you save time so you can enjoy time away from the dental office too.